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CSR Report

In 2016, SMN Power Holding has defined a new CSR policy on Corporate Social Responsibility ('CSR') which was approved by the Board of Directors on 1st August 2016.

The Company is committed to implement CSR initiatives with a positive impact on Economic Development, Social Progress, Environmental Protection and Education Development.

Our vision is to enhance the future of the people in Oman by promoting and implementing sustainable solutions, unlocking opportunities while protecting the environment.

In 2016 the Company has initiated several activities

Donation of furniture to Al Rahma Charity Association. A combination of desks, chairs, shelves, sofas were amongst the items provided (around 40 cubic meters) and the items were ultimately donated to low income families.



Recycling campaign

The Company has partnered with Plasbin and Muscat Daily to introduce a recycling campaign at its head office. The recycling activities involve segregating of waste (plastic, glass, metal, paper, general). The Company has encouraged all Companies sharing the same building (E&Y Building) to join this initiative.



SMN is very pleased to support a start-up Company in this activity. Plasbin is fully owned by three young Omani entrepreneurs with exceptional passion for their country's environment namely, Rashid Al Habsi, Sarhan Al Habsi and Nasser Al Kindi and in association with Martin Mbuta, the Concept Artist & Designer, conceived the Plasbin initiative to help clear the highly destructive plastic waste from their country's precious environment.

As installed at SMN, Plasbin flagship product is an exclusive 5-piece plastic waste collection and recycling unit and a first of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman to feature full waste segregation compartments including Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass and Trash (General Waste) through which its spearheading a new waste segregation culture in Omani through numerous channels including Plasday, a special Plasbin-in-schools awareness programme.

SMN and STOMO employees, together with students, joined forces to clean the beach in front of Barka II and Barka III Power Plants. All participants spent several hours cleaning the beach front.



Outlook for 2017

The Company will launch several new initiatives in 2017 and has already identified several interesting projects such as installing solar panels in a school, sponsoring education initiatives, expanding the recycling activities to the plants.